Hive Dress- Weimaraner

This Hive Dress is cut from so soft bamboo terry jersey in a colour I call Weimaraner because it is absolutely indecipherable: grey, mauve, taupe- it’s all of the above, a gorgeous colour just like the coat of said canines. I screen printed plum honey combs around the asymmetrical hem and hood. The oversized hood and long sleeve make this piece extra cozy and comfy.
I made one in Eggplant purple here.

Hive is a series of clothing that explores the internal struggle of the obligated worker as a disenchanted proletariat to transgress beyond socially and self constructed barriers in employment and class. Navigation through unchartered waters in self- determined and self- defined meaning-making in work and service, opens unto a path of self- discovery, healing and emancipation.

Throughout this series, I employ the motif of the honeycomb cell, in a repetitive pattern, to represent creation or labour of the worker “bee”. A honey splattered constellation moves across the honeycomb seams like a milky way of stars navigating a course towards freedom.


eggplant purple
weimeraner grey
khaki green

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